the dream of dancing

Welcome to Coco's Dream Dance, the website about my dream of dancing which became true.


Working full-time in PR and marketing, I've been dedicating almost every minute of my leisure time to different styles of dancing for more than ten years. My biggest passions are pole dance and flamenco, and my heart is beating heavily for tango. I'm also practicing yoga which increases my body awareness considerably and focuses my mind.


Dancing has been challenging and enriching me again and again. Fabulous teachers and trainers accompany me on that way. Made me understand that high quality movements isn't synonymous to mechanical doing.  Give my dancing activities a new sense over and over again, encourage me in new ways. Today, dancing is an indispensable part of my life. 


As a certified trainer, I have the knowledge and skills to teach in a professional way. I help beginner/early intermediate students to lay a solid foundation in pole dance. During choreography-oriented dancing classes, we have fun and improve stamina and strength at the same time.